Fat Cats & Baby...

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Today we must honor Baby the Cat. Baby has gone to the rainbow bridge after 38 years of being his mom and dads baby. Baby is named as the oldest feline by Cat Fancy. Baby was rescued from a garage as a little tiny baby cat.

Baby//Image Courtesy of NBC

Baby was certainly in very good health conditions. What is worrying to me is that some of us is not in such good conditions. According to this article, mousies are no longer scairt of us because we is too fat to chase them. I am not very sure this is true because us mancats had a mousie hunt party this weekend, and we caughted a mousie and a mole! We also burped and pooped in the great outdoors. Because that is what MANcats do. Burp and Poop. And catch mousies.

Here is a little of the article for you:

Edinburgh University researchers estimate that one in 230 - or up to 400,000 pet cats - is diabetic. Danielle Gunn-Moore, a professor of feline medicine, said: “The lifestyle of cats is changing. They are tending to eat too much, gain weight and take less exercise.

“Unfortunately, just like people, cats will over-eat if they are offered too much tasty food, particularly if they are bored and have little else to do.

Image Courtesty of Hoboken 411

I am finking to fix this we just need more mousie hunts!!!! YAY!!!!

Oh and lastly but most importantly, today is my Auntie Bea's birthday, not to be confused with Auntie Bee. Both Auntie B's love cakes and Cecil Cougars though!

My Auntie Bea really loves to sleep!!!

I hopes that you all will have a great Monday! I am planning to! I am going to celebrate my auntie bea's purrthday by eating her cake for her because she is on a diet! MOL! Peas, will you all dedicate your catnaps to my Auntie today? Fanks!

Until tomorrow,


New Litter

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mommie boughted me a new type of litter. It is called Fresh Step Crystals. Even though Sunday is normally my day off, I want to give you a report on the litter. I did not give a report yesterday anyway. I was too angry to report anything. I am over that now.

Here is the new litter and also my box.

Oh and in case you were wondering....

Mr. Penguin and I made up. He is allowed to share my box again. This is a good thing because he makes smelly penguin poops and Mommie gotted mad that his droppings were all around the house.

Here is a close up of the crystals in my box:

I am a little bit intimidated to be pooping on something so precious as crystals. But I will do it for the sake of good reporting... in I goes!

Here I am pooping... I hope this picture does not bother you.

Pooping is something that we all have to do.

(Sidenote to Mommie: You needs to clean my box better. I can see litter paw prints! I is not happy about this. I is embarrassed that my cat friends will see this! Peas do a better job!)

Here I am doing my mancatly duty of smelling the poops and then covering them up.

I fink that the room still smells good! Mommie says that she is happy with the litter odor control! So now I am will come out of my box...

And then I will wipe my paws on my litter mat:

Hi Cat in the Mat!

So I am happy to say that both Mommie and I are peased with my new litter. Mommy likes the odor control, I like playing in the crystals, and we both fink the crystals are pretty! I fink if you try this litter you will like it too.

If you use a different kind of litter, such as Feline Pine I would like to hear your opinion. I has always used Fresh Step. Just not the crystals. Crystals are fit for a Prince. I must be a Prince.

Until tomorrow,

Prince Cecil

(HRH Yao-Lin is still supreme ruler)

My ear and My fight!

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sometimes this will happen to your ear:

I fink you can see I am not happy about this.

But then I gotted really mad because Mr. Penguin, who is SUPPOSED to be my bestest friend started laughing at me

I fink you can tell that he is throwing his wings up and laughing at me:

"It is very rude to laugh at your best friend, Penguin!"

Mr.Penguin's laughing made me very mad. We got into a fight.

You can see that my back paw is beginning the bunny kick!

...As soon as Mr. Penguin apologizes for laughing I will forgive him. We are best friends forever.

Until tomorrow,


Polo Fashions and Feline Direct on Google News!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

YAY it is Friday and that means I get to shows you my new fashion!! This is my new polo shirt. I think it is a good color for a young mancat like myself.

Here I am being a good mancat fashions model:
I call this my Serious shot. I am so serious.

And here is my playful shot:
I am a silly billy. But my name is not Billy.
In case you forgot, my name is Cecil

And the best picture of all is from Miss Diamond Emerald Eyes! She gotted a picture of me and Mr. Penguin at the beach! I knew I was really at the beach!

Fanks so much Diamond!
You are a very good furriend!

And last today, is some very exciting MEWS! Yesterday my Mommie was looking at Google News and she saw the Feline Direct press release listed as the second top feline story!! This is very good mews and Mommie is so excited. We hope that you all will peas visit the website!

"Feline Direct Launches Cat Care Website"

And then today we were on there again! Lookie:
"Feline Direct Opens Its Online Doors"

That's us, that's us!!! YAYAYAY! I think this means that I am FAMOUS! Do not worry, as soon as I start bringing in the temptations I will share with all of you!

Mommie next photoshoot I needs to be paid 100 temptations because I am famous!

Cecil can communicate...from the beach!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I feel like I has had a long week guys. Really I do. I asked Mommie to peas take me and Mr.Penguin to the beach so we can relax, and she did! Here is a video of us at the beach...which looks and smells suspiciously like my kitchen..... but there are palm trees so I am not sure.

"Mr. Penguin, this is all highly suspicious. You are a water animal, what do you think?"

"Yes Cecil, it is very highly suspicious. But I come from cold water climates so I am not positive either."

"I cannot feel the sand between my paws and it does not smell right. I am leaving!"

...But anyways, I found this article today called Cat Facts-- Ten Facts About Feline Behavior. Funny enough, it was written by a bean, I am so serious. Let's see if he got it right...

  1. "I want to be alone."
    Sometimes I want to be alone, but sometimes I want my Mommie.

  2. Kittens get their friendly traits and tendency to be social from their father's genes (mostly) and their mother's teachings.
    My Mommie and Daddy are equally social thank you very much. They met at a party in college and got very social together.

  3. A kitten's socialization process is most important between 2-7 weeks old.
    This is true. I did not have good socialization so I give the bitey a lot. Clearly it is not my fault.

  4. When recovering from a trauma, such as a car accident, cats can go through a second socialization process.
    Peas, I hope that no cats I know has been in a car accident.

  5. Domestic cats descended from solitary creatures. Being solitary and hunting alone by nature, they have a limited set of communication skills for confrontation, especially body language.
    Limited communication skills my spot 13! WHO has limited communication skills??? I have a blog and communicate internationally everyday!
  6. In order to make up for a limited set of communication skills, cats need to use scent markings to send and receive messages. They also need to be fast and agile!
    You better start running! You cannot call my communication skills limited and get away with it!

  7. Your cat will rub her scent glands all over her territory in order to leave his/her mark.
    Maybe I will and maybe I won't.

  8. Cats will often raise their back ends up so as to better scent a hand. They'll also often stiffen their tail, but keep it bent as they scent you up.
    You bet I am raising my back end at you! ...limited communication skills....

  9. A vertical tail is a sign of happiness, and also used as a greeting.

  10. When the front paws are curled up and tucked in, and the back legs are outstretched to the side, your cat is relaxed and secure.
    More like the cat is trying to take a nap, so take your SUPERIOR communication skills and get out of here
Crazy beans always thinking they has us figured out!

Until tomorrow,


PS= Mommie had a better video of me and Mr. Penguin at the beach, but it was taking hours to upload! Has you had this problem?

RIP Mr. Lion Paw and Beans taking over Blogs!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I has missed my postings for only two whole days and I has so much to tell you! First, I has not been posting because my tummy was not well. See, I was playing and playing and playing with Mr. Lion (one of my most favoritest toys) and his foot came off in my mouth and I SWALLOWED him all up! His foot was num num-- but then I did not feel so good. Mommie did not know that I swallowed Mr. Lions foot, she only knew that I wasn't being as playful as usual. I was still eating and stuff ... well then this morning, I left a present in the bathroom. Mommie though, "oh! my little boy is growing up- his first hair ball!" But it was more of a Mr. Lions-left-paw-ball. Now I feels all better!

Here I am when I was not feeling well and resting up:
I think that I have good cam-oh-flage with the couch!

Oh! And then today Mommie came home from work with a present for me! A new fashion to wear for Fashions Friday! I really love it and cannot wait to show it off. But it came at a price; I was taken somewheres I has never been before and somewheres that I hope to never go again: the groomers. They savagely held me down against my will, even though I was letting out big mancat-cougar growls, and they CLIPPED MY TOE NAILS!!!! How rude! I really needed those! One thing I did like though, was that the crazy savage lady said, "he is so big for seven months old!" No one has ever said I was big for my age before! I am a big mancat with big mancat muscles and everyone can see how big and macatly I am for my age!

But even when I was itty bitty I was a good tiny mancat.
I had a good prowl and was alert to everything!

I think this picture shows that very well.

Ok so now an article that I must warn you all about: warning warning! Beans are trying to take over the cat blogosphere! I am not even kidding!! Look at this:

This bean has ordered a new furr-niture extension and brainwashed her cat to sit on it, so that she can take over his blog!!!! As soon as Mr Orange Tabby (I am witholding his real name so that he does not get embarassed) closes his eyes or turns his head, the crazy bean will start typing furiously away on his blog!

PEAS, do not let your bean order this furr-niture extender!

If beans start blogging for us, who knows what the world will come to! Just thinking about it is making me exhausted!

Until tomorrow cool cats,


PS- I got some cool awards and things lately, I will post them tomorrow with many fanks!

PPS- Peas remember there is only a couple more days to get the March Mewsletter from Feline Direct (www.felinedirect.com). April edition will be out on April 1st! Efurrybody sign up!

Evolution of a Cecil Cougar

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everycat! I am happy to report that the Giant Bunny did not get into mine house! I locked the doors and prowled all night! I am very proud of my prowling skills. I think if the Giant Bunny would have come to mine house he would have saw me and started shaking in his boots.

Today on this very hoppy day off, I would like to share the evolution of a Cecil Cougar. I will show you the many stages that have been documented so far.

Let's start with a baby Cecil Cougar:

This is what a Cecil Cougar looks like at THREE whole weeks old:

This is a Cecil Cougar with a Shmoo

And this is a Cecil Cougar with Shmoo and Sister
(she used to beat a Cecil Cougar up!)

Now this is what a Cecil Cougar looks like when he is five whole weeks old:

Please ignore that yes a Cecil Cougar has fleas in this picture. This was before a Cecil Cougar met his Mommie and was still at the Bad Place. These were some of the first pictures that Mommie received of the cougar. She says, "yes please, I would like that cougar. I will come get him as soon as he is ready for me."

This is a Cecil Cougar at 10 weeks old.

This is also a Cecil Cougar the day that he meets his Mommie for the first time!

This is a picture of the very first time I...I mean a Cecil Cougar was ever in his Mommie's arms! You can see that he fits perfectly!!!! PURR!!

Please ignore the ear mites...... Mommie took care of those the very next day!

This is a Cecil Cougar at 11 weeks old, in his new furrever home!

I think you can see that the Cougar's stripes have not yet come in good.

But by Christmas they has come in better:
Although he is still a tiny cub:
...Then one day, all his stripes had been earned!!!!
Here is a Cecil Cougar at 15 weeks old:

And here is a Cecil Cougar today at almost 7 whole months old:

You can see that a Cecil Cougar is very loooonnnnggggg and has many many stripes!
He enjoys long naps and walks on the beach!

In case you didn't know, I am a Cecil Cougar and this has been ME in all the pictures!!

I has many stripes!!! I is very proud of them, I hope that is not bad.

HOPPY Easter everycat and beans too!

Until tomorrow,

Cecil the Cougar!

PS- I is STILL growing!

Giant Kitty Rescue and Peanuts!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Today I am bringing you two stories from Best Friends Society. The first one is called Former FLOCK (For the Love Of Cats and Kittens) Prez Charged with Animal Cruelty and the other is about Peanut the Cat. I think you will really like the story about Peanut. She is a very brave cat, but you will have to read on to find out why!

Sharon "Sheri" Allen, former president of FLOCK has been formally charged with animal cruelty. This is a very good thing because she was not a good friend to cats. She did not allow hardly any volunteers into her shelter which will probably seem odd to you. She did not allow any in because she was housing over 800 malnourished and diseased cats. I am not even joking, 800. She was also found to have 114 cats in her house. It is not normal to have so many cats in your house I do not think.

Image Courtesy of Best Friends Society

"A volunteer tipped off county officers to the inhumane conditions inside the two-acre facility in Pahrump. The compound, surrounded by a 12-foot-high fence topped with barbed wire, was inhospitable desert landscape where the temperature often soared to 120 degrees.

Most of the cats were severely malnourished, some near death. They suffered from upper respiratory illnesses as well as ear mites, tapeworm, rotten teeth and gums, open wounds or eye infections. At least 40 died because they were so sick and weak."

"If convicted, she would face maximum penalties of up to six months in jail, 120 hours of community service and a fine of $1,000 on each count. She is scheduled to be arraigned April 14."

Now to a story that will make you much happier. Best Friends Society currently has a guest called Peanut. She was originally part of a feral community of cats. Then one day, a very mean person shot her. That was not nice of the mean human at all. She was brought to Best Friends and they nursed little Peanut back to health , but she was scairt of humans and did not trust them at all. She could not use her back legs anymore and spent most of her day sitting in the windowsill with a blank expressions not allowing any volunteers to touch her.

Image Courtesy of Best Friends Society

Then one day a volunteer decided to try petting Peanut while she was eating, and this worked! Peanut was too busy eating to think about getting away from the volunteer! Ever since then she has become a nicer friend to humans! She even has purred at some humans! I am very happy for her.

Also, I am just going to come right out and say it, she has nice furs. They remind me of someone else's furs, I just cannot quite put my paw on who...

Peas, you can sponsor Peanut on the Best Friends website, that would be very nice. Or you can adopt her! I am thinking that we can all agree she deserves a furrever home too!

Have a nice Caturday!

Until tomorrow,


Make a Wish Meme

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Diamond tagged me for Linda's Make A Wish Meme.

The Rules

1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart's desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see the above wishing star flame across the night sky.
2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic below.
3. Use a graphics program of your choice and place your wish on this picture:

4. Post the Make A Wish Meme and your wishing star on your blog along with these rules.
5. Tag as many people as you like so that there can be wishing stars all across the Blogosphere and ask them to please link back to Linda so that we can see what wishes others have made and share those wishes with others.

I had to think very very hard, because there are many things in my hearts desire. I really would like more treats per day, to not get yelled at when I give the bitey, sunshines to lay in 24 hours a day.... But what I would really really like, is that every kitty at Cats Exclusive would find their furrever home. And Wally too, even though he is at Best Friends Society. So that is what I am wishing for.

I would like to tag Parker and Abby and Rosie!

Easter Lillies are not your furriend!

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Hi everycat!

Today my Mommie's website is opening! She is very stressed out because she has already found three bugs to be worked out, and she is too tired to take care of it tonight. I wonder if you can find the three bugs...if so, peas don't mention it to her!

This is a screenshot of the website:
Feline Direct

Now to my article...

Easter has come early this year, and this means many things. First is that the Giant Bunny will be invading houses this very weekend. Please remember to lock your doors. If you do not, this very large bunny will lay multi-colored eggs in your house. I am not sure how he does this, but it is not normal. I am not even kidding about this, please lock your doors!

Another thing that Easter means, is that your humans will be looking to get pretty white flowers called Easter Lilies. These flowers are very nice to look at, and even nice to give one or two sniffs to. The big problem is that Easter Lilies are toxic to us cats. It will be very tempting to give a bitey to the flower, but you must hold back. This is very serious.

If you do happen to give into temptation, you must notify your human right away. They will have to take you to the V-E-T. Yes, it is that serious! Even one or two bites can be deadly.

I hope that I have convinced you to stay away from Lilies and also to lock your doors this weekend.

Until tomorrow,


Read the original article here.

Catnapping with Cecil

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Peas do not disturb:

My mommie has been working very hard on the website (www.felinedirect.com), so I has not been able to get on the computer today. The website was SUPPOSED to open today, but because of some technical difficulties it will not open until tomorrow.

Since I am not to do any reportings today, I have decided to catch up on my mancatly duties of catnapping. I do not always get a chance to get enough naps in. It is such a shame!



Chef Cecil & my first Meme

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Meaoumy Troops has also asked me to researches what human food is ok for us cats to eat. Here is what I has found.

It is strongly inadvisable for you to eat your humans food. Some human foods are toxic to us because of our obviously, superior bodies. You should avoid the humans foods because they are often very fatty and toooooo spicy for our delicate palettes. This could results in runny, stinky poopies or yaking. On the other paw, you may get addicted to the humans food and need rehab. You also cannot live on peoples food because it does not contain taurine which we must has.

Then there is the fact that some humans food can KILL you. I am not even kidding.

Peas do not eat the following foods, no matter what:

-Onions, Garlic, or other veggies with roots
-Tomatoes or green (raw) potatoes
-Grapes and Raisins

Oh and you should of course not have cow's milk. This is not toxic but my Mommie is lactose intolerant and I has seen her after "accidentally" drinking yummy milks. Just do not do it. It is not nice at all. You are most likely lactose intolerant as well. If you are a cat.

It is much better to just be a helper. I am always a helper in the kitchen. Please call me Chef Cecil.

Here I am making sure that Mommie's food is cooking ok.

I wonder if you can guess what we are making?
it involves cheeses, chips, salsa, nachos, and beans... .

Did you guess that we are making taco bells?
Good guess!
taco bells is a very quick and easy meal to make at the end of a long day

See, all the ingrediants come in the box!
A packet of cheese, a packet of salsa, a can of beans and chips!

This is not very healthy, so I do not eat it. I can only put good foods into my very strong and healthy mancat body!

Oh and the Meaoumy Troopers also tagged me for this meme. It is my very first meme!

1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers,
2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother's maiden name)
3. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person (or blogger of another species) for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.)

Ok here we go...
According to my birth certificate my middle name is Meow-Meow:

M mischevious
E endearing
O outgoing
W wise

M mancatly
E entertaining
O opinionated
W wonderful

I am wondering who has not done this yet. Let's see, Daisy has you done it? Sophiekitty has you done it?

Until tomorrow,


PS: Feline Direct opens tomorrow!!

Organic food vs. the regular stuff

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My good furriends, the Meaoumy Troopers, asked me to make researches on whether organic foods is better than the regular stuff. Here is what I has found, the decision is up to you.

Narda Robinson, dmv at Colorado State University says this of organic cat food, "it probably can't hurt but there's no research that shows organic pet food is better." According to the article in USA Today, pet owners should first check with their vets before changing their cats diet. You must do this to make certain that the new diet will be completely balanced.

We cats have very busy schedules and must be well fed! First we has to nap and then we has to check the house for mousies, then we has to chase our tails, then we has to make stinky poops; our day really has no end!

As you may remember, Natural Balance is the crunchies that I eats:

As you can see, my eyes are big and I am excited
to be near an open bag of crunchies!

According to Vet Robinson, "people are becoming more aware that if they adjust their animal's diets their animals can avoid certain illnesses, or perhaps require less medication for ailments from which they are already suffering. Organic diets take this one step further."

Despite all the buzz around organic cat food, Vet Cohen doesn't necessarily think organic foods are better than more traditional pet foods. He says, "I have a lot of concerns that not a lot of research has been done to assure proper balance of nutrients." Cohen is speaking about industry feeding standards that ensure a pet food is balanced for specific life stages. At the same time, Cohen acknowledges that traditional foods have higher levels of preservatives and dyes that, "don't do anything good for the animal." This is all accordings to an article on AZ Central.

With so many pet food recalls coming about lately, humans should take care to follow these bits of advice from The Best Friends Society Organization:

Avoid foods With:

-wheat gluten
-"byproducts" (should list an animal first, such as chicken byproduct)
-synthetic preservatives

Here is the ingredients for my crunchies:

Dr. Brown of Best Friends says this, "animals age better with better care. Inferior nutrition wears down animals immune systems and incites skin and coat problems. A lot of wheat and corn allergies we see in dogs and cats might be from pesticides and hormones used in food. We know that even low levels of pesticides increase the risk of cancer. If there is even the potential for a problem, why feed it?"

On that note, I will leave you with one final reminder that although organic food may be better it has not scientifically been proven to lengthen the lives of any pet.

I is a very picky eater. My Mommmie had to try several premium foods before I would accept this. Really, I would like to only accept food off Mommie's plate but Mommie is a piggy and does not leave many things on the plate for me! But that is ok because I love Natural Balance and I love my Mommmie!

Yes! Yes! YES! These crunchies smell very good!

Let me just... get.... my nosey..... in a little bit more....
::crunch crunch::

Nom Nom

Until tomorrow,


PS: Felinesopher, I hope this helps!