Animal Cruelty: An Across Species Problem

Posted by Cecil the Cougar: at 12:24 AM

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

After posting about the cruelty done to the poor woofie yesterday, I realized that animal cruelty is a much bigger problem than any of us spoiled cats realize.

Today I am going to review two articles that are best not read by the faint of heart. The first is titled, "Kitten Killer Gets Probation" and the second is, "Alford Plea in Kitten Drowning".

In Canada, a man admitted that he broke the leg of a four month old kitten, and the next day suffocated it. The man broke the defenseless kittens leg by kicking it. The next day, the kitten was walking around on the shaky leg, and foaming at the mouth. When the kitten saw his attacker he instinctively hissed at the man and bit him three times (the same as any of us would do). It was at this point that the man grabbed the kitten, suffocated him, and then buried him in the woods. The poor kitten's owners filed a lawsuit against the man, but he was only given 12 months probation.

In Kentucky we have another sad story in which a man who is posing as an educated person, a horticulture Professor, drowned a kitten. He claims that he mistook it for a raccoon.

Bill Fountain, the professor, had a raccoon trap set up in his backyard. The kitten, who was only 5 months old, was trapped. Fountain reached towards the cage and the tiny, baby kitten "grabbed or bit" him, so he tossed it into a water drum and drowned him. He is not sure if the kitten grabbed or bit him. He also does not know the difference between a raccoon and a kitten. My Bosslady would not want this man teaching her human children (if she had any).

Please go to this Experience Project website and play their trivia game. For every question you answer correctly, they will donate food to abandoned (and formerly abused) animals. You can choose whether you would like to play to feed cats or dogs, the option is located on the sidebar on the left side of the questions. Please feed the cats, we are very far behind the woofies! If you are not so good with the trivia then you may go to the Animal Rescue Group website and simply click the purple button to feed the animals.

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6 opinions:

Anonymous said...

Never trust a person who does not love animals or babies. There's something deeply broken inside these people.

Daisy said...

I agree with Gandalf & Grayson. Everybody does not have to love cats, but they do have to treat them with dignity and respect. I wish there were stronger laws against animal cruelty.

The Cat Realm said...

We just found you through a comment on Mr. Hendrix site and want to applaud you for your work!
As long as humans will think of animals lesser than humans and not treat them with the same respect and protect them with the same laws as humans the world will never be a good place.
Humans who abuse, hurt, kill animals are seriously ill and need treatment!
We are very much looking forward to your happy post!!!
Mrs. OZ

admin said...

we agree with our buddies here, what's wrong with humans these days? we're only defenseless creatures, humans should treat us all equally with them!
btw, we share the joy of receiving happy mews from you about the gift in our blog....see ya around Cecil.

CRIZ LAI said...

This is real gross! How could human treat animals like rubbish. They are still a living being. In Malaysia, the government did not even look into the over population of strays around. You can see a squashed or brutally bitten by a stray dog kittens almost monthly.

SPCA can't do much as they will need donations to spay a stray. There are just too many around and spaying all would not be within the means of the donors. There may be a lot of animal lovers here but they would rather get a pure breed pet than to adopt one from the center.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Animal Cruelty is a felony in Florida. They would have put the first guy away for a very long time. The second case is a little less clear cut, but I agree, the man should know the difference between a kitten and a raccoon.