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Posted by Cecil the Cougar: at 1:02 PM

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mommie boughted me a new type of litter. It is called Fresh Step Crystals. Even though Sunday is normally my day off, I want to give you a report on the litter. I did not give a report yesterday anyway. I was too angry to report anything. I am over that now.

Here is the new litter and also my box.

Oh and in case you were wondering....

Mr. Penguin and I made up. He is allowed to share my box again. This is a good thing because he makes smelly penguin poops and Mommie gotted mad that his droppings were all around the house.

Here is a close up of the crystals in my box:

I am a little bit intimidated to be pooping on something so precious as crystals. But I will do it for the sake of good reporting... in I goes!

Here I am pooping... I hope this picture does not bother you.

Pooping is something that we all have to do.

(Sidenote to Mommie: You needs to clean my box better. I can see litter paw prints! I is not happy about this. I is embarrassed that my cat friends will see this! Peas do a better job!)

Here I am doing my mancatly duty of smelling the poops and then covering them up.

I fink that the room still smells good! Mommie says that she is happy with the litter odor control! So now I am will come out of my box...

And then I will wipe my paws on my litter mat:

Hi Cat in the Mat!

So I am happy to say that both Mommie and I are peased with my new litter. Mommy likes the odor control, I like playing in the crystals, and we both fink the crystals are pretty! I fink if you try this litter you will like it too.

If you use a different kind of litter, such as Feline Pine I would like to hear your opinion. I has always used Fresh Step. Just not the crystals. Crystals are fit for a Prince. I must be a Prince.

Until tomorrow,

Prince Cecil

(HRH Yao-Lin is still supreme ruler)

14 opinions:

HRH Yao-Lin said...

oh my, crystal litter! You lucky cat. They are of course fit for a prince! And whilst we both understand that I am supreme ruler, I am a neglected and tortured soul who spends his days moping about with an air of regality. You on the other hand have a human slave who buys you crystal litter! I know who I would rather be. x

L. Alida said...

Hi Cecil! I'm glad that you and your penguin friend made up. :) I might give that crystal litter a try. I think Billie will like it, but Cody and Cricket are more stubborn about that kind of thing. I'm curious about the feline pine too. Right now we use the clumping litter and guess who does all the scooping? Yup, Momma!
Have a very Nice Sunday!
Hugs and Purrs,

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

sarge said i can't poop on the crystals and i haf to poop in the pot. drat!

smiles, auntie bee

The Cat Realm said...

We used feline pine. But then the staff found out that they can get the same stuff from the fireplace store lots cheaper , wood burning pellets or something it's called.
It is all organic and environmentally friendly and works REAL good and is very healthy for us to use. No little crystals or things that can get stuck on us or be inhaled.
We never want something else - except of course the outside dirt, which we also use. Outside, hahahahahaha

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

I don't like litter box much and SS says I make a mess of her bathroom but at present I am confined indorrs so there is little choice.

Thankyou so much for coming to visit and for the well wishes. It is so nice to know that there are so many kind kitty friends out there. I love you all!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

We use Tidy Cats Small Spaces cuz Speedy stinks so much dat dad gags. It's da first one dat we found dat sort of controls the smell...and den only if he remembers to cover it or doesn't miss da box completely.

Daisy said...

I use Tidy Cat crystals (it comes in a plastic jug). I like the crystals a lot, because they are pretty. And after I go potty in there, my Mommie stirs up the litter so it gets all spread out in there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness, you don't mean to say that you poop? And that is might be stinky? Hmmm. That is very interesting reporting, Cecil!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

We believe we have read that some crystals that can be eaten or inhaled will actually absorb enough water to cause digestive problems, so you don't want to eat it!

Mickey's Musings said...

That is most interesting Cecil!
I presume the crystals absorb the pee and odours and all your Mom does is scoop the poop!
Thanks Mickey

Moki The Wobbly Cat said...

Hi Cecil,

Nice job on the reporting!Feline Pine has advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantages are the price and the fact that some cats simply wont use it. The biggest advantage that we found, in using it personally (we also used it at a shelter I volunteered at for awhile...) was that it won't scratch your hardwood floor like regular litter or crystal litters can do!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Crystal Litters have been linked to a number of feline health problems including (but not limited to) FUS. So I do not use any sort of Crytal Litters.

My bean loves Feline Pine, but I did not like the pellets, I like to dig in the sand. So we have compromised and gotten Swheat. So far, we've had not problem with oder control and I like the litter so I'm pretty happy.

I've heard there is a new Feline Pine that does not use the pellet form, so we will probably switch to that the next time she buy litter (if she remember).

CRIZ LAI said...

Hey Cecil.. you have a beautiful mat there. I loved it a lot. Speaking about crystal litter, I heard a lot on the disadvantages and side effects too. That's why Daddy refused to let us play in any litter box. The rest will use the toilet. As for me, I'm the King of the house. I poop on the floor.. Ouch! Daddy smack me again.. ~~cries~~


Boy said...

I think your witter mat is awesome! We SHOULD get one here. That Thing gets the witter all awound the house after he poops! Even on mine bed! I AM mad!