Cecil's Tips for Staying in Tip-Top Hunting Shape

Posted by Cecil the Cougar: at 12:05 PM

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I think that perhaps my mews articles from yesterday made some kitty's and their humans sad, so today I will try to cheer everyone up! Today I am not going to review any particular article, but talk from my own experience. I want to muse about what kinds of things we cats need to eat to stay in tip top hunting shape. I mean, even if the fiercest thing we chase is a catnip-filled mousie, one never knows when a a vishus deer might sneak up.

So to stay in tip top shape, I start my day off with a balanced breakfast. Here I am with my favorite crunchy goodness, Natural Balance. It is an ultra premium cat food, which means that it smells and tastes extra good, and is all natural. I cannot put any artificial ingredients in this lean mean fighting machine body!

Along with my Natural Balance crunchies, I also get a C.E.T. Chew with my breakfast. This is to help my teeth stay clean and strong. The V E T gave it to me last time I went, and although it is sometimes hard to tell if the V E T is being helpful or trying to take my manparts, this turned out to be a good day!

Here I am making sure that the V E T did not try to slip anything past me. They smell ok, so I will nom down!

The very best part of the day for keeping fit, is choosing a very balanced and delicious dinner. The V E T told my Bosslady that I must have wet food so that my kid-neys function properly. I did not know I had any kids, but if I do I certainly want their neys to function properly. The only problem is, somtimes the flavor decision is hard.

"Hey Bosslady, which one should I choose today?"

Maybe I should close my eyes, and pick randomly ...


YAY! I chose chicken flavors! That is actually my favorite.
Maybe I peeked a little....

But there is even more to being in tippy top shape, than just eating right. You must take all the right medicines as well. Yes, this includes going to the V E T at least once a year for rooster shots. You see, roosters are a very important bird and they can ward off sicknesses. So the V E T collects some of the healing powers and gives them to us. See, the V E T is not always bad.

You must also take other medicines as I will demonstrate below.

It is very important to always read the labels before taking medicines!

Here I am with my Advantage Multi and Frontline Heartguard. My Heartguard guards my heart and I guard it. Even though I am a spoilt indoor kitty, I sometimes get to go out on my harness and leash so it is important for me to stay on these medicines at all times. My bosslady says, "it is much more pleasant to prevent fleas and ticks, than it is to deal with the consequences." When I first came home from the BadPlace, I had really really bad earmites and fleas. My Bosslady says that as long as we are taking care of each other, I will never have to have those again. But that is a whole different story....

Well, that is all I have for today on health, but did any of you notice that I have a new fashion on in these pictures?

"Nom, Nom this is good!"

Until tomorrow,


Oh and just in case anyone is wondering, Feline Direct did get a template upgrade, but everyone is still signed up for the mewsletter.

16 opinions:

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Of course we must eat well. It is one purpose our humans serve!

I eat only organic food to be sure I can keep my strength up for ruling all those counties.

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

I am on a wheat free diet. I have trouble digesting grain and it gives me, um, runny poops and bad bref. It doesn't bother me that much but it makes dad gag. So now I get Wellness and home made treats.

Wendy Hoke said...

Dear Cougar,

Ummmm.....I think things in your house might be backwards.

Who's the boss?? The lady?

No, no, no!!! You are the boss. Yes, you are veeerrrry young with lots to learn.

Skittles,The Huntress

Daisy said...

I like your fancy t-shirt! I wish I could try a variety of different flavors but my prescription foods only come in 2 flavors. Thanks for teaching us about things!

Parker said...

You do eat very balanced and delicious meals! It is a good way to make sure you stay happy and healthy!

Anonymous said...

We only like fishy flavors. Mom keeps trying to sneak in Chicken, but we are too clever for her.

CRIZ LAI said...

Hmm... I have been feeding my kitties with dry Purina Friskies with Salmon, Tuna and Seaweed. At times, I will feed them with other variation of Mackerel, Sardine and Seaweed or Salmon, Chicken, Vegetables and Milk. Somehow they still like the Oceania Flavor of Salmon, Tuna and Seaweed.

After you advice here, I wondered whether I made a right choice of stopping to give them fresh fish as they had diarrhoea occasionally. Maybe it could be the ice they used for keeping the fish fresh. What's your advice on this?

By the way, I have helped you to promote FelineDirect in my CATSOPHERE magazine :)

jenianddean said...

Wow! Thanks for all the tips! I'm with Daisy, I really like your t-shirt! It's very handsome.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Great tips!!!

Yes, YOU are the boss, you and you alone!!!


Mr. Hendrix said...

Great tips! I eat Prescription Hills food cause of my FIV & IBS. I like to stay a healthing catnip mouse hunting machine. You're right about those Vishus Deeer, there were 6 behind our house the other day, if they ever got in the house, I'd want to be in great shape.
I like that you get to pick your special treats. I hope there is lotsa chicken in your pantry!
What great fashion shirt. You look very handsome.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

hi cecil! i like chick-hen too so we are the same!

smiles, auntie bee

Mickey's Musings said...

HI Cecil. That was an informative post :) It is important to have good food to stay healthy and plenty of fresh water :) Neat T-shirt too ;)
Purrs Mickey

PeeEss: I thought your previous articles were good. They are sad, but it shows that we must never give up the fight to have better,stronger animal rights!!!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Roosters? I thought they were Rejections. Someone did a really good post on why we much have rejections, with pictures...

L. Alida said...

Very good health tips today Cecil! And you are very cute, I just want to cuddle you! :) I'm glad you have a happy forever home with a mommy that loves you.
Hugs and Purrs,

Artsy Catsy said...

Cecil, this is excellent advice and presented quite fashionable I must say! But I can't believe you get to CHOOSE your Stinky Goodness flavor every day! I must speak to my human about this.


admin said...

oww...we love dry food 'mydearcat' and can food 'whiskas':)

uhm, you always look very fashionable & cute, as always;)