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Posted by Cecil the Cougar: at 12:14 AM

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hey cool cats,

Fanks for all of your wonderful suggestions! Today I have one happy mews story and one sad mews story.

First the happy one: Randolph Rescinds $5 Cat Bounty . This is such happy mews! It was such an outrageous decision by Mayor Stupid anyway.

Now the sad one: Dad Forced 7 Year Old to Kill Family Cat . In Muncie Indiana, a drunk father told his three children that they need to "learn how to kill." One very furriendly and smart son hid the cat under his bed while his father was in the bathroom then put ketchup on a knife to trick his bad dad. The father later realized that the cat was still alive. At this point he put a knife in the hands of his 7 year old daughter and forced her to stab the cat. He then continued stabbing the cat himself, and then strangled it. This is all according to the affidavit that the Dad signed.

I have never heard of such things. To force a human-kitten to kill her beloved pet is awful. I am glad that I is in a very good home where Mommie and Daddy love me.

Here I am outside on my harness reflecting on all the bad mews I read this week.

Sometimes you just has to think about how lucky you is for food, a warm bed, and toesies to bitey.

I like to be thoughtful and thankful for my spoilt life. Thank you to all cats who are my furriend even if we has never met in real life.

Until tomorrow,


17 opinions:

Moki The Wobbly Cat said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date on the Randolph story. We are so glad to hear that they decided to go through with the TNR program!

Karen Jo said...

I am very glad that the Randolf Cat Bounty has been rescinded. Your second story is most disturbing. That father shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children or animals ever again. That poor little kitten and poor little girl. The kitten has gone to the Bridge, but that little girl will have to live with that horrible memory for the rest of her life.

Daisy said...

I hope that dad gets a very, very, very strong punishment. He is a BAD person. That story is very terrible. We are lucky to have happy and safe homes.

Parker said...

That bad dad needs to go somewhere far, far away where there are no kids or animals.
We are indded, very lucky kitties...

The Meezers or Billy said...

we was very happy to hear about Randolph coming to their senses. (well the mayor). but that dad, well, he needs to do some serious time in jail!!!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Mommy cried when she read dat story about da bad dad. Really, he's caused so much trawma to his kids dey is prolly gonna need a sykolojist fur da rest of der lifes. What we don't unnerstand is why he was allowed visitation, unsupervised, wif da kids!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i hope someone puts the big bitey on that bad dad!!! and you look furry cute today cecil!

smiles, auntie bee

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

There really is a lot of bad news in the world. We are lucky to have such good homes, and I wish all kitties could be as fortunate as us!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That was a terrible thing that the evil dad did. We hope he gets a suitable punishment.

admin said...

yep Cecil, once a while we do need contemplation furr all the lucky & good things we have from our beans:)
furr the sad news, poor kitty & that little girl, that bad dad need to learn how to love kids & furry friends!

this time our mommie share her musings on stories of another kind of love at her "sanctuary" and we from Meaouwy Troops has great news, find out how cats can control the rain;)

See ya around!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

The story of the father just turns my stomach Cecil.

Artsy Catsy said...

Cecil, you have a wonderful pawsitive cattitude! Sometimes it's hard to be pawsitive when there are so many negative things in the world. You're absolutely right - we are so lucky to be spoilt kitties with so many wonderful friends!


SophieKitty said...

I am very grateful for my furrever home. I wish every kitty was as lucky as me. On another note, you are very cute, Cecil!

L. Alida said...

You know, there is a psychic on tv that I watch sometimes and even though some of her theories are odd, she does say something about this place where we live. She says that earth is hell. Heaven is where our home really is and animals are angels sent here to show us love. (sigh) I am kinda sad now... But, Cecil on a happier note, you are a very cute kittyboy and I'm glad you have a happy home.
Hugs and Purrs,

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Hi Cecil,
We agree - we are very grateful for our wonderful furrever homes! Not all kitties are this lucky, and that makes us sad :(

We agree with Auntie Bee - we hope someone puts the big bitey on that bad man! He deserves nothing less than a very long stay in prison!

Jan Price said...

Wow, and we thought the news Jan reads about abuse is bad! Things are growing worse for animals and it's sad. Thanks for passing on the news.

Jan's Funny Farm

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Those poor children and that poor kitty! I hope the dad gets the strongest punishment possible on all counts!

You look like you had fun outside Cecil.