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Posted by Cecil the Cougar: at 11:11 AM

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good Morning Everycat,

I has received several requests that a sample protest letter be drafted. Please find this below. Today I is not writing my normal mews article, due to researching on how to help our fellowcats in Beijing. Please find my sample letter below.

Fanks, every cat!

Until tomorrow,


To Whom It May Concern,

I am appalled at the unethical treatment of felines that has recently surfaced in Beijing,China. As reported through numerous news outlets, Beijing is currently "cleaning up" its streets so that the city will look welcoming when visitors for the Olympics arrive. As reported in the Daily Mail, "hundreds of cats a day are being rounded and crammed into cages so small they cannot even turn around. Then they are trucked to what animal welfare groups describe as death camps on the edges of the city."

The photographic evidence of this that surfaced worldwide this week has shocked and horrified many. I am taking action now to let it be known that this type of cruelty towards animals cannot and will not be tolerated by citizens of countries who participate in the Olympic Games.

I encourage all who are on the International Olympic Committee and all those on the Beijing and London Organizing committees who have a voice in this community, to stop the unethical and destructive treatment towards felines in Beijing. It is the responsibility of the Olympic committees to ensure that all aspects of the games and the host countries coincide with the values of the athletes, citizens of the host country, and viewers worldwide. Beijing must understand that this behavior is unacceptable and must be stopped immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.



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Figaro the Therapy Cat said...

Hi Cecil,
I is glad you are being proactivating about Beijing!!
But also I just readed a article about the meowacaust taking place in Iowa!!!! We have to stop that meowocost, very sad, they take the kittehs and trap them for a bountys and kills them!!!! is very bad, can you helps???
They already gawt 2 cats and one of them was a pregnant cat!!!

The Whiskers and Purrs Gang said...

This is all so sad...thanks for the information!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang


Furry good Cecil...


Mr. Hendrix said...

this is a great letter. i am also going to write and make others write to the olympic games committee to put a stop to this. it is as insane as when the olympics took place in Germany during WWII. Jeez.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

KC said...
Hi Cecil,
You have done such a good job organizing all this information. I put a link for your blog up on the Pet Purrs & Purrayers bloggie so we could send purrs and purrayers for them, and then they can check your link and find out what to do to stop this deplorable condition.
Love & Purrs, KC

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

That is a good letter. I think I see something where George Clooney having something to do with Olympics. I going to write to him. He was Batman once, can be superhero again.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Pee Ess: Last year, when China ship over tainted wheat, I suggest we all go over to China and eat the Chinese. Everyone say I being too harsh. Should have done that...would not have this problem now.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

That is wonderful.I have just cut and pasted and sent emails to the addresses given.

This is horrific and I can't believe it's happening in 2008. What is wrong with the world??

L. Alida said...

Hi Cecil, This is horrible and just beyond upsetting. My stomach just knots up whenever I think about it. I went to bed last night and just kept thinking about those kitties. I prayed to whoever is supposed to be listening and caring... I just don't understand this world. It's so sad. Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention.
Hugs, Purrs and Prayers,

The Cat Realm said...

We can't even think about it.
We actually do not understand how the world could agree to the Olympics being in Beijing.
We can NOT understand any athlete who actually goes there to compete. We think they all need to refuse!!!
We think the Olympics in China is one of the absurd horrible things that happen right now in this world.
We think it needs to be boycotted and if you know websites and/or movements that work on this - could you please tell us about them? We are serious!
The world also needs to do something about China in general - a HORRIBLE country - not only for animals but for humans as well!!!! But as long as everybody worships the money - I am afraid things will get worse.....
On a totally different subject:
Don't forget to check out our blog during the next 5 days - we are on a St.Patrick's Day adventure in Ireland!!!
Karl, Emil and Mrs. OZ subject:

Samantha & Mom said...

Thanks for the letter Cecil! It is very good! We can't believe people could get away with this in today's world!! It is so sad.
Your FL furiends,

admin said...

thx a lot furr the letter Cecil! we appreciated very much & demand our bean to send it ASAP...

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

This is so terrible! I had no idea this was going on in Beijing. My mom and I are crying.....